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Making a Decision About Treatment

Decision Support for Men With Prostate Cancer

You have been referred to this online resource for help in making a decision about what treatment to follow for prostate cancer.

PatientYou are not alone in making this decision. Your doctor, specialist and prostate nurse navigator are all there to support you and your family. However, there are several different ways to treat prostate cancer, and each treatment has pros and cons. The best choice depends on what is most important to you personally.

This information is intended to be used during your discussions with health care providers, and does not replace the advice provided by health professionals. It will help you understand prostate cancer and the available treatment options. It will also help you think about your own values and priorities, so you can make an informed choice that is right for you.

Treatment Options
Multimedia presentations and printable documents outline various treatments for prostate cancer.

Your Decision
A resource to help you identify what matters most to you during prostate cancer treatment and decide on the right treatment for you.

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