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Wait Times

Current Wait Times - Median/90th Percentile
This report is useful to determine wait times in different health regions for each specialty. For instance, wait times for general surgery are typically shorter in smaller sites than in Regina and Saskatoon. The report shows the median and 90th percentile wait times, number of patients currently waiting and the percent of those waiting that had already waited greater than 3 months. The information is available by health region and specialty. Data is a summary of the past 6 months.

PatientCurrent Wait Times - Distribution
Table - Waits by Region and Specialty
See details of recent wait times in each health region, sortable by specialty. The table indicates health regions in which patients received surgery very quickly and where patients waited longer. It also shows how many patients waited more than the provincial target of 3 months for surgery. NOTE: Patients can be referred to a surgeon in any health region in the province by their family physician or nurse practitioner. Use the Specialist Directory to find more details about the scope of each surgeon's practice and their individual wait times.

Graph - Distribution of Waits
See the distribution of wait times among patients who recently had surgery.

Wait Time Trends
This report is useful for monitoring the progress made in reducing surgical wait times in the province. This report shows the monthly trend over the last 7 years of the median and 90th percentile wait times. Data is available by health region.

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