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Fertility Care Pathway

The Fertility Care Pathway is primarily a source of information for patients who have fertility concerns or who are seeking fertility care. Patients have indicated in focus groups that they want more and better information about navigating fertility care in Saskatchewan. This information has been compiled by local health care providers and patients involved in fertility assessment and treatment.

When a patient presents with a fertility concern, there are some things primary providers can do to help the patient journey go more smoothly.

Saskatchewan Guidelines for Initial Assessment and Triage (PDF)

Fertility specialists

Gynecologists and urologists

For information about gynecologists and urologists who perform fertility procedures, use the Saskatchewan Specialist Directory

Fertility specialists in Saskatchewan

Aurora Reproductive Care (Saskatoon) , Email: Phone: 306-653-5222

Fertility specialists in Canada

Map of fertility treatment centres in Canada


Communication with patients should be respectful of the stress and emotional pain that is associated with a diagnosis of infertility. Fertility patients in Saskatchewan have offered these suggestions for how to treat fertility patients.

How to Communicate with Couples about Infertility (PDF)

Patient Education

Patients who have not yet seen a specialist may benefit from education in primary care to help:

  • identify the fertile window and time intercourse appropriately;
  • control factors that affect fertility (such as smoking and obesity); and
  • access supports in the community (for smoking cessation, etc.).

Refer patients to hand-outs on the Fertility Care Patient page. (Advise patients to search for “sask fertility patient pathway” in order to navigate to the patient education materials.)

Decision Support

When the time comes to make treatment choices, patients may find that things are moving very quickly and they don’t have much time to think. Health care providers can help their patients to find up-to-date information about treatment options early in the process so they have the opportunity to think ahead about what options are right for them.

Information for Patients

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