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Saskatchewan Spine Pathway

Saskatchewan's Spine Pathway is designed to help patients with low back pain get the care they need in a timely way. Most often, low back pain can be managed at the primary care level. The Saskatchewan Spine Pathway’s Assessment and Management of Low Back Pain course is designed to build on providers’ low back pain assessment and management skills. Primary care providers who complete the course learn to recognize patterns of low back pain and treatment protocols that can be incorporated into their own practice to improve patient outcomes.

There may be times when patients do not respond to treatment by the primary care provider and referral to the Regina or Saskatoon Spine Pathway Clinic is required.

At the Spine Pathway Clinics, health providers further assess patients, help educate patients about aggravating factors, and identify treatment options. When appropriate, patients may be referred to a spine surgeon.

The pathway helps to ensure that everyone experiencing back pain gets the care they need, and only patients who would benefit from surgery are referred to surgeons.

Continuing Medical Education

Assessment and Management of Low Back and Leg Pain

Live Training Course

This 4 hour workshop provides a practical hands-on approach to assessing and treating patients with low back pain.

Date: To be Determined

Online Training Course

Primary care providers including physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physical therapists and chiropractors can take the Assessment and Management of Low Back Pain online course at no charge. Participants will have ongoing access to the course materials.

For more information and to register, visit the online course website: Assessment and Management of Low Back Pain. This self-study course has been accredited by the Saskatchewan Chapter of the College of Family Physicians of Canada for up to 8 Mainpro+ credits. Physicians outside Saskatchewan who complete the course may be eligible for Mainpro+ non-certified credits.


Primary care providers who have completed a professional education course on Assessment and Management of Low Back Pain can refer patients directly to the Regina or Saskatoon Spine Pathway Clinics using the Primary Care Practitioner Clinical Record of Assessment Form.

Spine Pathway Clinics

There are two Spine Pathway Clinics, one in Regina and one in Saskatoon. The clinics confirm assessment of patient’s back pain and provide referrals to an appropriate specialist or treatment program.

Location Contact Information Referral Form/Process
Saskatoon Spine Pathway Clinic
Saskatoon City Hospital
701 Queen Street
Saskatoon SK S7K 0M7
Phone: 306-655-7544
Fax: 306-655-8951
Primary Care Practitioner Clinical Record of Assessment Form
Regina Spine Pathway Clinic
Surgical Assessment Centre
102 - 1621 Albert Street
Regina SK S4P 2S5
Phone: 306-766-0446
Fax: 306-766-7551
Primary Care Practitioner Clinical Record of Assessment Form

Assessment and Treatment Tools

Saskatchewan Spine Pathway Algorithm
Quick Triage Reference Algorithm

Low Back Pain Treatment Algorithms
Pattern 1 Algorithm
Pattern 2 Algorithm
Pattern 3 Algorithm
Pattern 4 Algorithm
Pattern 5 Algorithm

Low Back Pain Patient Hand-outs
Back Exercises Pattern 1
Back Exercises Pattern 2
Back Exercises Pattern 3
Back Exercises Pattern 4
Maintaining a Healthy Back: Recommendations

LiveWell with Chronic Pain Program
The LiveWell with Chronic Pain (LWCP) program, a peer-led, community based, self-management program intended to help adults who are experiencing a wide range of chronic pain conditions, including chronic back pain.

Online Therapy Unit - Service, Education and Research
The Online Therapy Unit offers free online cognitive behavior therapy for depression, anxiety and/or pain. The pain course teaches people with chronic pain how to better manage pain, anxiety and depression.

Information for Patients
Find printable handouts as well as extensive resources to help your patients understand back pain and back surgery, and available treatments and exercises. More Information

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For further information or to provide feedback on provincial pathways, please send your comments to the We look forward to hearing from you.


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