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Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative
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Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative - Sooner, Safer, Smarter

SKSI Year Three ReportThe Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative was the first major initiative arising from Saskatchewan's 2009 independent Patient First Review, which identified surgical wait times as a key concern for patients and families, and provided recommendations about improving surgical care and reducing wait times.

The four-year Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative concluded on March 31, 2014 with results that demonstrate tremendous improvements to the surgical system. Over the past four years, the incremental wait time goals and the emphasis on safer and smarter care pushed the system to try innovative methods and work collaboratively to achieve success.

The goal that no patient waits more than three months for surgery was achieved in four health regions, and very close to being realized in four others. The Saskatoon and Regina Qu’Appelle Health Regions are continuing with efforts to reach the three-month wait time target. Saskatoon expects to reach the target by fall 2014, and Regina Qu’Appelle by March 2015.

Although the Surgical Initiative has ended, the work will not. The system will continue to monitor achievement of the wait time target and to implement improvements to the safer and smarter delivery of surgical care. Over the four years of the Initiative, $176 M was invested in surgical services. The investment continues in 2014-15 with $60.5 M in funding committed to support the volume of surgeries necessary to meet the three month target.

The Results of the Surgical Initiative are outlined in the Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative's Year Four Report

Highlights of year four include:

  • Online Specialist Directory helps patients identify surgical options

  • More Specialist groups are pooling referrals, so patients can see the first appropriate specialist or choose to wait

  • There are five established clinical “pathways” providing timely and appropriate care

  • The surgical safety checklist has been implemented province-wide, and there are measures in place to prevent surgical site infections.

  • There is now increased capacity to train operating room nurses

  • Surgical capacity has been expanded through the use of third-party surgical and diagnostic services

  • A culture of Continuous Improvement has been adopted by health system partners.

The next major initiatives arising from the Patient First Review are focusing on strengthening Saskatchewan's primary health care system and emergency department waits.

Providers & Patient(L to R) Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative leaders Dr. David Stoll, La Ronge; Patient Representative Harriet Greenhow, Regina; Dr. Edmund Royeppen, Prince Albert; RN Crystal McKaig, Swift Current.











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Safer, Smarter, Sooner

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